The Benefits Of Investing In Real Estate


With all of the mixed-media messages surrounding us these days, it’s confusing for people to know where to invest their money (be it stocks, bonds, a 401K or real estate).
In my experience there’s no better way to save a bundle on your taxes (while simultaneously building your wealth) than through investing in real estate…
Here’s why…

  • Huge Tax Benefits – Properties typically appreciate while the IRS allows you to write your properties off as depreciating.
  • Using “Good Debt” to Build Wealth – “Good Debt” is debt that makes you money where as “bad debt” does not, it just makes your further in debt… The benefit of “good debt” is LEVERAGE because you don’t need to have a lot of money to get started – you can start with the equity from your home.
  • A Balanced Investment Portfolio – You’ve heard the expression, “don’t put all your eggs in one basket”, well the same applies to investing. By investing in real estate (in addition to other investments such as your IRA, 401K, stocks and bonds) you will have a stronger and more stable investment portfolio…
  • A Personal Retirement Plan – Can we even count on Social Security as a retirement option anymore? When managed correctly, investment properties are a very good potential source of passive income for when you retire.
  • Deferment of Capital Gains Tax – When you sell an investment property, if you made more money than you bought it for, that’s called your “Capital Gains” and Uncle Sam will tax you on that gain. However, the government allows you to transfer that gain into another “like kind” property by using a 1031 tax exchange. This allows you to bypass taxation by deferring the financial gain into your next investment.
  • Instant Equity – It’s possible to find investment properties that are $5k, $10k, $15k (or more) below market value. When an investor buys properties like this, he or she can instantly use the equity from this for additional buying leverage.
  • Long Term Growth – My method for real estate investing is about buying and holding properties for the future because I know that their value will almost invariably continue to increase!

Don’t Listen To Anyone That Tells You –
You Can’t Succeed By Investing In Real Estate!

Maybe you’ve seen the late-night TV infomercials on “How to Get Rich Quick by Investing in Real Estate” and thought to yourself, “Is this stuff for real?”. In my opinion, most of these campaigns are just designed to sell you a bunch of expensive information – rather than real world investment properties.

The key to winning at the “game of real estate investing” is to surround yourself with positive, forward-thinking people who are already doing it themselves. People who will support your vision for building wealth – and “coach you” to succeed.

You and I have a responsibility to prepare for our retirement by making our money work for us – and buying investment property is one of the most effective, long-term, tried and true ways to do this (provided you make wise investment decisions and manage them properly).

My job is helping both experienced and novice investors – to successfully find, purchase, and maintain high-quality, “wealth-building” investment properties – making sure that we carefully evaluate your financial needs first, so that the next investment you make – makes sense for you!

Let Me Do The Hard Part For You

Rather than having to figure everything out yourself – the researching, calculating, calling developers, and trying to find a “good deal” – why not let me do all that for you? After all – it’s what I do every day, so why not let me make it easy for you?